Frequently Asked Questions

Initial rental period is one month with just 2 weeks’ notice to terminate thereafter.

There is always the option to upsize – whether you need and extra unit or to transfer into a larger unit, this can be arranged with the minimum of stress to you.

You are required to give just 2 weeks’ notice to terminate your agreement with us.

Absolutely! With the GUltra Access App you can allow remote access to the compound easily.

We do have general waste bins / recycling and would ask that you are mindful of correct disposal.

Our units are designed so that rainwater/flooding shouldn’t occur.

Providing your account is up to date, you have full access to your unit 24/7, 365 days a year.

Chinchilla Storage Sheds compound is covered by 24/7 CCTV security cameras and flood lights to give you peace of mind that your belongings are secure. You must also ensure you padlock your unit.

We do not offer this as a service at the present time.

We do not offer insurance for goods stored in your unit. Most insurance companies offer cover for items in a storage facility. If you require any proof of storage you just need to ask and this can easily be sorted for you.

Please refer to our Storage Options page for sizing and prices.

Access is by way of the GUltra Gate Access App. 24/7 access is available to you providing your account is paid up to date.

Since Covid19 all application paperwork is completed over the phone. A full copy of your paperwork is then either emailed or texted through to you for your acceptance/reference.

Give us a call, text or email. We do ask for 24hrs notice to move in however we understand life happens and sometimes storage is required the same day. This is absolutely possible – just ask.

Once you have given your 2 weeks’ notice period and you have confirmed that you have vacated your unit, we arrange a refund of money due, closure of your account and we cancel the direct debit – all within 30 days of move out.

We do not currently have this service.

Billing commences on the day you need your unit. Payment is required by Direct Debit which we set up for you. The initial payment is one month’s rental along with $100 security deposit. Once this is paid you have the choice to continue paying monthly, or you can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or quarterly.